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Hi, we're new here

Hello and welcome to I think I like it – a site that discusses art, architecture, design, and urban subject-matter in a frank, easy-to-understand way. Its aim is to make art and design relatable to everyone and is less about what's good and bad, and more about things in the art and design world that allow people to have an awesome, or at least memorable, experience.

We'll be bringing you updates from the latest art and design stories from around the world, news about emerging artists who we think are creating great work, along with looking back at some old favourites. We're always keen to know what you think of our work so drop us a line and tell us how you like our stuff. Also – don't forget to follow us on social media (scroll down and you're just a click away).

Finally – if you're an aspiring art/design/architecture writer looking for somewhere to share your worldview, this could be your somewhere. Read about how you can submit stories and tell the world what you like.

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