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Think you might like writing for us? Send in the material listed and we'll get back to you if we like it. Bear in mind that this site doesn't make any profit, so we're not in a position to pay for submissions. But if that changes – you'll be the first to know! 


If you're an artist/architect/designer/curator/gallery/other and you want us to review your work or just give you a shout out, write to us and we'll get back to you. There's only one e-mail address so you can't go wrong: 


We'll need between 200-400 describing your work. Tell us the why, how, when and what, and we'll do the rest. P.S. links to more info are always helpful.


Landscape please – with decent web resolution (think 600px and beyond... but not too beyond). Please give us at least four fab shots if you can.


Remember to include the title of your work/project, the creator(s)' name(s), any relevant dates, materials, and location.

Photography Credits

Make sure the images you give us are copyright free. If a photographer(s) need(s) to be credited, pass on all the info we need to do so.

Social Tags

Let us know if we should link to any social media pages in the piece and give us the exact spelling. Our views are your views! Also – tell us what hashtags you'd like us to use with your story and we'll slot them in. #thatsapromise

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