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SERIES: Ten design questions with New Zealand product designer Rowan Jackman

Ten design questions is a newly launched interview series where Think asks designers working across all sectors about design and things they like. We ask for quick-fire answers to questions we've all wanted to know more about from our favourite designers, and they reply with their knee-jerk design likes and loves. Easy.

For our third instalment, we fired ten design questions at Rowan Jackman, founder of Rowan Jackman Design, a creative design studio based in New Zealand. His designs are products of a contemporary craftsperson; their colours, materials and shapes unmistakably created to suit the tastes of today's homemaker. His studio has a knack for finding playful solutions to problems most people don't know they have – like creating a receptacle for keys that actually looks great. These are his ten design questions.

Question 01

What is your favourite piece of design that you have not created?

I love pretty much all of Jamie McLellan's work – he's both local talent (New Zealand) and a globally recognised figure.

Question 02

What is your favourite piece of design that you have created?

It has to be the Curve Wall shelf. So purposeful yet so simple – my most popular to date!

Curve Wall Shelf, Rowan Jackman

Question 03

Who is your greatest inspiration within the design world?

Too many to name! I appreciate those who design with function and simplicity as a priority.

Question 04

Who is your greatest inspiration outside of the design world?

My parents – they work so hard and I'm fortunate to have them.

Question 05

How do you cure ‘designer’s block’?

Go to a quiet spot with my sketchpad and put pen to paper without giving it too much thought.

Question 06

How long did it take you to ‘make it’ as a designer?

I've had some great public exposure however I don't necessarily think I've "made it" yet! I started my business whilst studying at University and have been loving it ever since.

Top: Curve Wall Shelf, detail Rowan Jackman, bottom: Light On, detail, Rowan Jackman

Question 07

If you weren’t a designer, what other profession would you pursue?

I'd love to be a Paramedic or Trauma Doctor. I think it's the problem solving aspect that interests me, and I'd love to help others when they need it.

Question 08

What is your favourite object in your home?

She doesn't quite fit the 'object' requirement, but our Staffy Bull Terrier dog, Millie, always brightens my day!

Millie with Hour Stool, Rowan Jackman

Question 09

What do you want to learn more about?

Several different manufacturing methods and technologies.

Question 10

What’s the best career-related advice you’ve ever received?

If you have a good idea, investigate it and pursue it with vigour.


Rowan Jackman is the founder of Rowan Jackman Design – a creative design studio located in New Zealand. Through a strong interest in disciplines such as, but not limited to - furniture, lighting and objects for the home, Rowan designs with a thorough understanding of new technology, while remaining honest to traditionally refined techniques.


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