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HAY's PC Portable mushrooms its way into dark corners leaving messy wiring behind

Danish furniture and product designer HAY have launched the PC Portable Lamp, one of a range of new light fixtures based on Pierre Charpin’s original PC Task Light, a HAY classic. Stout and mushroom-shaped, the PC Portable conceals its engineering inside a cylindrical base and is topped with the line’s signature tulip-shaped shade. Aside from its compact appearance, it promises to be splash-proof and able to provide up to ten hours of illumination via a rechargeable battery.

Cover image: PC Portable, HAY.

Able to endure both outdoor and indoor environments, the PC portable is described as being equally at home "on family camping trips, or [...] in a dark living room corner for the soft effect of candlelight". Indeed the width and height of its shaft recalls the utilitarian appearance of traditional portable campaign lanterns. Its availability in an olive green hue adds to the latent resemblance.

The design for the original PC Lamp came as a result of a collaboration between HAY and Pierre Charpin. Designed as an armed desk lamp, the PC Lamp is aesthetically simple with a shade that foreshadows PC Portable's tulip-form. The elder of the two designs uses concealed gas springs to hold itself in place and, similarly, reduce wire clutter.


For more information on HAY's PC Portable lamp, design by Pierre Charpin, visit their official site.



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